Is there an influential woman in your life deserving of recognition? Consider making a donation in her honor to the

Phoenix Girls Chorus Women of Note Scholarship Fund.

The Women of Note Scholarship Fund allows community members to recognize women who have had an immense impact on those around them, while also providing new opportunities for young women to develop musically and personally through the Phoenix Girls Chorus. The Women of Note Scholarship is entirely need-based, and will be reserved for those that meet specific financial criteria in their first year with the Phoenix Girls Chorus. The scholarship is valued at $1,500, as that is the typical yearly cost for participation in the chorus (program fees, uniforms, and materials). During this first year, scholarship recipients will be given tools to fundraise to cover the costs of their second year and beyond, becoming self-supporting members of the Phoenix Girls Chorus. In this way, gifts to the Women of Note Scholarship fund are perpetual in nature.

Those that donate to the Women of Note Scholarship Fund are able to set forth the name of an influential woman to be recognized on the Phoenix Girls Chorus website and in our concert programs. Those who donate the full scholarship amount of $1,500 will have their Woman of Note more prominently featured with a half page description of their life and positive influence on others around them. Also, donors of the full scholarship amount will have the opportunity to meet and receive letters of thanks from the recipient of their gift if they so choose.

If you wish to honor the influential woman in your life, please complete the form below, email us, or call 602-252-5562.

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