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“I don’t ever want to leave this place,” one tired but happy Cantabile singer mused as we waited for all of the chaperone groups to gather for closing fireworks.

I believe that all 30 of us felt at least a little bit of that satisfaction at the end of today’s great adventure in Disney World.  As I promised, we’ll let a few chaperone groups tell us the story of today:

L1050158Miss Christenson’s group started the day with the very ambitious goal of seeing three of the Disney parks between 9:30 a.m. and 9:30 p.m.  And, they would have done it  if they hadn’t been having such a terrific time along the way.  This group sang the song of the entire choir when they unanimously said, “we absolutely loved Space Mountain!”  Yep!  It turns out that Space Mountain is even more exciting here in Florida than in California.  Next to that, one of their favorite moments today was being silly and dancing in the rain at Epcot.  “There was something in the air over there at Epcot!”  And don’t forget the plain and simple fun of dancing in the street along with the Birthday Parade.  I think they were surely mistaken for Disney Characters, or at least characters, as they urged the parade-watchers around them to get up and dance.



In anticipation of Ms. Tiller’s upcoming marriage, her girls honored her with a beautiful, iconic Disney veil.



Miss Tiller’s group thrilled at the Magic Kingdom as well, rocketing through Space Mountain and heading to a park that few of the other groups took the chance to see, Hollywood Studios, “awash in the glitz and glamor of Hollywood’s Golden Age.”  There they rode the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror – twice!  Which means they lived to tell the tale . . . . They’ve had fun comparing the differences between California’s Disney rides and Florida’s.  I understand that Florida’s are much scarier and therefore much more fun.




At the end of the day, all chaperone groups gathered on the deck of the Disney Train station to watch the beautiful light show and fireworks.  On the ferry from the Magic Kingdom back to the central station, the girls gave an impromptu concert to the homeward-bound crowd.  At the end of a long exhausting day, the girls’ voices sang out beautifully, with joy.


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