Walter Lindsay

Walter Lindsay

Walter Lindsay is married to Megan and 3 of their 4 daughters are presently in PGC.
Walter is a Silicon Valley veteran and currently works as product manager for a big data cloud software product.  His background in brass instruments is rusty but he does enjoy singing as he has the chance. He graduated from Harvard and he’s delighted to serve on the PGC board, to continue the work of the many before who created PGC and to steward it for the many who will follow.

Why I Serve PGC

I don’t know about you, but I often wonder why one person succeeded and another didn’t.  I wonder who taught them, what events inspired them to work hard, what lucky circumstances happened, and things like that.  And when I see a friend – or a friend’s daughter, in this case – succeed and surpass what I know about them, I want to know more.  That’s how I ended up at a Phoenix Girls’ Chorus concert.  I saw my friend’s daughter master her fear just to step forward for her solo (her parents had wondered if she’d choke). And then she opened her mouth (and I knew her parents couldn’t sing like that!).  I became a fan of PGC.  I’ve seen PGC help girls become more than they had been, more than they would have become on their own.  And I don’t know about you, but when I see people learn the disciplines for succeeding in one area, they often acquire the drive to learn the disciplines for succeeding in other parts of life.  In other words, PGC is effective in shaping girls into more capable women.  If you aren’t already supporting an organization that forms the character of the next generation, then support PGC.

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