Sally Clifford (2)

Sally Clifford

About Sally

Sally has over ten years of leadership experience in the nonprofit sector. She currently serves as Chief Operating Officer at the Western Regional Examining Board, a nonprofit that develops and administers competency assessments for state agencies that license dental professionals. Prior to that, Sally held leadership positions at Experience Matters, a local nonprofit that connects the skills and talents of experienced adults with the diverse needs of nonprofit organizations and at the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits, a statewide membership organization that serves nonprofit organizations throughout Arizona. Sally also spent 17 years in the private sector with American Express in Phoenix. Her daughter Rachael, participated in the Phoenix Girls Chorus for eleven years!

Why I Serve PGC

I first became aware of the Phoenix Girls Chorus (PGC) when a friend of my daughter’s told her she should try out – which she did just so she could be in an activity with her friend.  Well, her friend left the chorus the following year but my daughter Rachael stayed on and sang with PGC for 11 years from second grade through senior in high school. 

From the beginning, I could see how PGC was developing her poise and confidence to be on stage and the importance of teamwork. 

As she began to tour with the choir, my daughter gained skills like taking personal responsibility for yourself and your belongings.  She formed some very special bonds with her choir mates that still last to this day. 

I had the opportunity to be a chaperone the year the choir went to Italy.  Being there when they sang at a Saturday afternoon mass at the Vatican, at a chapel in Assisi and performing impromptu concerts on the streets of Florence was an experience I will never forget. 

For my daughter this experience instilled not only a tolerance and appreciation of different cultures but also the understanding that music is a universal language and can be uniting force.

As I reflect on her time with the choir, I can now see the full impact it had on my daughter that goes well beyond the world-class music education she received.  Although as a parent I would like to take all the credit, the life skills she developed are something that is truly unique to PGC.

I was asked to join the PGC board during the last year my daughter was in the chorus.  With my background in nonprofit management, I thought I could bring some value to the organization.  Now in my 4th year on the board, 3 years as Board President, I continue to give my time, talent and treasure because I firmly believe in the mission “to cultivate, inspire and empower young women to find their voice” PGC is blessed to have a truly gifted Artistic Director and a passionate, dedicated board of directors that all want to do what they can ensure PGC continues to have a place in our community for many years to come.

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