Andrew Ellis

Andrew Ellis

About Andrew

Andrew M. Ellis joined the Board in 2016. His two daughters have been with PGC since 2014. From 2007-2012, he served on the board of directors of Arizona Saves, a non-profit organization which delivered financial education throughout Arizona. He has been an attorney since 1997, representing creditors and debtors in bankruptcy, collections and judgment enforcement matters. Andrew has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania and a doctorate of jurisprudence degree from the University of Arizona. Before attending law school, Andrew served five years as an officer in the U.S. Army.

Why I Serve PGC

My daughters joined the Phoenix Girls Chorus (PGC) when they moved from All Saints’ Episcopal Day School to the BASIS school system. At All Saints’, the girls sang and danced, but BASIS had no substantive extracurricular activities.

The quality of the music initially stood out for me initially at PGC. I was impressed at the final concert of our first season to see how many years many of the graduating seniors had been with PGC. Most of them had been there for 2-3 choirs! I imagined what a joy it must be to see how the little girls with squeaky voices in Melodia could transition to be young women with proud, beautiful voices in Cantabile!

My grandfather, father and I are U.S. Army veterans. When I signed up, I agreed to put my life on the line, if necessary, for the good of my country. I learned at a young age the importance of being involved in something that is bigger than you, that is more important than one individual.

Phoenix Girls Chorus teaches the girls service above self: one person does not a choir make. Being in PGC requires the girls to have many of the same characteristics I acquired in the military: transcending differences, getting along with others, and reaching a common goal. The tolerance, teamwork and cohesiveness that PGC instills will last the girls a lifetime. I can think of no worthier cause to give of my time and money. Can you?