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Aaron Thomas

About Aaron

Aaron joined the PGC Board of Directors in 2015, bringing his expertise in finance to help enhance the advancement of the organization.  A native to Arizona, and father to three daughters, he is passionate about empowering girls in our community to have their voices heard, and accept their positions in society as strong leaders.

Aaron is a CPA, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, and Accredited Portfolio Management Advisor for Ameriprise Financial, helping both individuals and non-profit organizations, alike, reach their financial goals, and is excited to be a part of our Board.

Why I Serve PGC

I can remember the first few times I was introduced to the idea of participating on the Board for the Phoenix Girls Chorus.  The first time, I resisted, clutching on to the precious nature of time, fearful of giving up the one thing that is absolutely finite in life.  The second time, I skeptically opened to the possibility a bit, and was willing to at least consider a position on the board, though I hadn’t a clue how I would serve meaningfully.  The third time, I half-heartedly accepted my role as member of an organization I knew many were proud of, though I wasn’t sure just how I would fit in.  As I read through the manual and gained understanding of the commitments expected of its members, I can remember being present to a part of me that was still very reserved.  My reservation was present when I considered how to give to the organization; I was willing to give of my time, but was I willing to give of my money?  I resisted financial contribution for many months actually.  And while I was willing to give of my time for board meetings, I was very resistant to “have to go to concerts.”  My skepticism was more about my own insecurities and not at all about the organization as I would come to learn.  After all, I don’t have children in the chorus, and was worried that I didn’t measure up to those that knew their place on the board.  We all want to have a place to belong, and to have something of value to provide, yet we have to have a lean-in… a buy-in… a commitment to what we are pursuing, and I just wasn’t there yet.  In fact, it would be no less than two years before I finally grasped the idea that I indeed belonged, and truly had talent to add to an already prestigious Board.

Then I heard the girls sing.  It seems silly, but I had never actually heard the girls sing in the two years I had been on the board.  Then, in 2016, PGC hosted a post-concert gala where a selection of girls sung and shared about their experience as members of the chorus.  Two sisters shared about how they came from little means and found their voices with the chorus; the organization supported them in finding a way to fund their experience and travel the world, opportunities they wouldn’t have had given the economics of their family.  I was humbled and touched.  Suddenly, my relationship to the organization became personal, and what once felt like a sacrifice instantly became an expression of gratitude, as I whole-heartedly wrote my first check for $1,000 to the Phoenix Girls Chorus.  It was then that I experienced my lean-in; I was committed.  I knew I was willing to make it possible for others to transform their lives in whatever way I could.

Following that concert, I became interested in helping out more, and in perfect timing.  The Board would face challenges with a shifting executive leadership team, re-organization to the executive and artistic direction, and evolution in how efforts are made to fundraise.  PGC has provided me an opportunity to graciously give of my time, treasure, and talent, with conviction to a great cause.  As I prepare to submit my contribution on Giving Tuesday for $1,500, I am hopeful many more will open their hearts and their wallets to an organization that is helping girls find their voice, so they can face society as women with grace, character, and confidence.