Audition for The Phoenix Girls Chorus

Audition Details

  • You may either request an in-person audition or virtual audition. 
  • Girls ages 7-18 are encouraged to audition (Boys and girls in Kindergarten & 1st grade can join our Prima Program! Click HERE for more info.)
  • Complete the audition request form below and you'll be notified with available audition times and to be invited to one of our upcoming concerts as a VIP guest!
  • Prepare one song (folk, classical, Broadway, patriotic; not pop, rock or western)
  • For girls 7-11 years, the song can be as simple as "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" without needing sheet music or a back up CD
  • For older singers, bring the sheet music for your song or a back-up CD w/ no vocals
  • Formal training  or previous experience is not necessary
  • Dress nicely 

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