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5 Choirs, 1 Voice

The Phoenix Girls Chorus is an elite youth performing arts organization focused on empowering girls and young women through leadership, community service, and music. Within the chorus are five distinct choirs, providing a progressive music education for girls age 7-18, as defined below. If you have a young girl who is not yet old enough for our choirs, CLICK HERE to learn about our pre-choir music classes.


Melodia rehearsal shirt -color-2


Our first training choir is for girls just starting on their choral journey. We audition girls beginning at age 7, and they can remain in each choir for 1-3 years, depending on their age and abilities. In Melodia, we work on ear training, performance practice, and producing a beautiful unified sound as a choir.


Harmonia rehearsal shirt -color-2


Harmonia is our second training choir, and is made up of girls ages 9-12. In this choir, the emphasis is on singing in two parts, learning to blend, and reading music at a higher level and with greater accuracy.


Dolce rehearsal shirt -color-2


In Dolce, young ladies are expected to sing in 2-3 parts, read music, and sight sing at an intermediate level. While performing more repertoire, this choir also goes on a short regional tour, giving the ladies a chance to perform in unfamiliar venues and preparing themselves for national and international travel in upper choirs.


Bella rehearsal shirt - color-2


Bella is made up of middle and high school-aged young ladies who have proven their abilities to sight read and perform at a high level. This choir tours every year, and is expected to sing at regular season concerts as well as outside performances.


Cantabile rehearsal shirt -color


Cantabile is our top choir, made up of high school-age young women who have exceptional abilities in the areas of sight singing, performing, and leadership. This choir performs in 5-6 regular season concerts each year, as well as multiple privately booked performances and tour each summer.